Test Dataset

(1) The Jiku Mobile Video Dataset

With the proliferation of smart phones equipped with high quality video cameras, it has become easy for the users to just whip out their phones and record memorable moments or interesting events. As part of the Jiku project, we are interested in studying and processing such videos captured by multiple users at the same performance events. As such, we have collected a large amount of mobile videos for our research. We make those video freely available for others to use for research as well.

The dataset contains videos naturally recorded by mobile users, hence captures their behavior. Along with video, the datasets also contains traces of the sensors that are present in smart phone, including compass, accelerometer, and gyroscope. These sensor traces can exploited for content analysis and quality enhancement of recorded audio and video.

The data is collected during different public events in Singapore. As of now, the dataset has video recordings of six events and can be downloaded from http://www.jiku.org/datasets.html

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