The 6th NExT Workshop and SC Held at NUS in 3-4 July 2013

4 Jul 2013

The 6th NExT workshop and Steering Committee were successfully held on 3 – 4 July 2013 at NUS campus. Over 80 people attended this event including Tsinghua / NUS researchers and industry partners. Three International Review Board members joined the workshop to review NExT project with valuable advices and insights.  

(1) Dr. Zhang Hongjiang (Chair, Kinsoft, China)

(2) Prof. Alan Smeaton (Dublin City U, Ireland)

(3) Prof. Dick Bulterman (CWI, The Netherlands)

More photos on this activity, please refer to the followiing link.

Demo List for showcase session on 3 July:

(1) A Location-Based Service System Towards Live City (Prof. Li Guoliang)

(2) EventLens (Prof.Cui Peng)

(3) SANDS: A Differential News Portal (Prof. Liu Yiqun, Prof. Kan Min Yen, Prof. Liu Yang) 

(4) QA Based Information Acquisition System (Prof. Huang Min Lie, Prof. Zhu Xiaoyan)

(5) Deep Opinion Mining on Online Custormer Reviews (Prof. Huang Min Lie, Prof. Zhu Xiaoyan)

(6) Keyphrase- and Tag-based Social Computing (Prof. Sun Maosong, Dr. Liu Zhiyuan)

(7) Magic Closet (Prof.Yan Shuicheng, Dr. Liu Si)

(8) Beauty e-Experts (Prof.Yan Shuicheng, Dr. Nguyen Van Tam)

(9) Jiku system overview (Prof. Ooi Wei Tsang)

(10) Jiku Share: Mobile Video Recommendation (Prof. Ooi Wei Tsang)

(11) Movisode: Efficient Mobile Video Retrieval for Spatio-Temporal Query (Prof. Ooi Wei Tsang)

(12) Jiku Live Player with arbitrary scaling (Prof. Ooi Wei Tsang)

(13) Optimal multicast video delivery scheme for zoomable apps (Prof. Ooi Wei Tsang)

(14) PrEV (Prof. Kan Min Yen)

(15) Microblog to News Alignment (Prof. Kan Min Yen)

(16) Live Observatory (Prof. Chua Tat Seng)

(17) Location Analytics on Social Media Contents (Prof. Chua Tat Seng)

(18) Brand Tracking in Microblog (Prof. Chua Tat Seng)

(19) Attribute Feedback (Prof. Chua Tat Seng)

(20) OneSearch: Aggregation of Community Knowledge Bases (Prof. Chua Tat Seng) 

(21) Organization Sense (Prof. Chua Tat Seng) 

Posters for showcase session are available for downloading. Please refer to the following attachment.

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