The Second NExT Workshop and Steering Committee Held in Qinghai University in China

8 Jun 2011

The NExT Search Joint Research Centre is a joint centre by Tsinghua University and National University of Singapore that is funded by IDMPO (MDA). The workshop and committee meeting held on 6 – 8 June 2011 at Qinghai University and Qinghai Hotel respectively was successfully held. The attendances are managements from Media Authority of Singapore, Provost, Dean and Professors from National University of Singapore and Tsinghua University.

At the seminar, co-director of the Joint Research Centre, Professor Chua Tat Seng from National University of Singapore and Professor Sun Maosong from Tsinghua University updated the progress and they also highlighted the focus for the upcoming years.

After group discussions from individual teams, Li Juanzi concluded that the team will focus on user generated content as the central theme of the dynamic city life, with emphasis on instant text search, dynamic multimedia data processing, real-time event information access and sharing, the depth of database, and to carry out innovative research in these four areas as work objectives. The team also develop and refine the 2012 annual work tasks and work plans.

During the Steering Committee Meeting held in Qinghai Hotel, invited members are “ Mr Michael Yap (Deputy CEO, Media Development Authority (MDA), Prof Tan Eng Chye (Provost, National University of Singapore), Dr. Zheng Yongping (Research Vice President of Tsinghua University) who came on behalf of Kang Ke-Jun (Vice President of Tsinghua University), Zhang Bo (Tsinghua University Department of Computer Science and Fellow of Computer Science), Prof Ooi Bei Chin (Dean, NUS Soc). The committee members endorsed the work of the Centre and approved the five research proposals as well as the financial budget for FY 2011. They also believe that the research projects will be explored in two languages (Chinese and English) to make an impact in the research and application results.

The workshop and meeting was a great success with the compliments Prof Zhou Lizhu (Computer Science Department of Qinghai, Tsinghua University) strong support and helps.


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